Beyond the ‘Republican’ Economy: Hayek and Pettit on Private Property

Republican political theorists have spilled a lot of ink in the attempt to present ‘republicanism’ as a distinctive alternative to liberalism. The landmark book is, of course, Philip Pettit’s Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and Government, published in 1997. I have written about some of the problems of republicanism on this blog (here, here and … More Beyond the ‘Republican’ Economy: Hayek and Pettit on Private Property

Debt and Democracy

While this was written by Cicero in 44 BCE, after the assassination of Caesar and a year before Antony had Cicero murdered, the sentiment can be heard in today’s Republicans–particularly those associated with the Tea Party. Any attempt at redistribution, according to Cicero, threatens the very foundation of the republic, which, he points out, was … More Debt and Democracy

Republicanism and wage-labour

In a previous post, I presented a criticism of republicanism’s inability to adequately address the problems of power exerted in the modern capitalist economy. This should come as no surprise really, given that the republican notion of liberty as ‘non-domination’ was articulated within the context of pre-capitalist economies characterized by the employment of dependent forms … More Republicanism and wage-labour

Andrew Kliman: “Post-Work: Zombie Social Democracy with a Human Face?”

Originally posted on The Pluto Press Blog – Independent, radical publishing:
Andrew Kliman, author of The Failure of Capitalist Production: Underlying Causes of the Great Recession, has written an article for the New Left Project about post-work society, and why it appears to be catching on now. He begins by posing a question to us, and outlining…

Marshall Berman, 1940-2013

Originally posted on Corey Robin:
Political theorist Marshall Berman, who was my colleague at the CUNY Graduate Center, died yesterday morning. When I heard the news last night, my first thought was the date: 9/11. There’s no good day to die, but to die on a day so associated with death—whether the murder of nearly…

CB Macpherson in India: the revival of possessive individualism

A few years ago I was thinking of C.B. Macpherson’s book, The Political theory of Possessive Individualism.  The fiftieth year anniversary was coming up in 2012, and I was thinking of the possibility of putting on a commemorative conference dealing with the legacy of the book. As it turns out, a number of post-graduates associated … More CB Macpherson in India: the revival of possessive individualism