The Politics of the 99%, a.k.a., ‘Democracy’

Prior to the eighteenth century, most commentators shared Aristotle’s definition of democracy as a constitution in which ‘those who are free and are not well-off, being in the majority, are in sovereign control of government.’1 By this, Aristotle did not simply mean that democracy was a simple case of the ‘rule of the majority’; rather, … More The Politics of the 99%, a.k.a., ‘Democracy’

Athenian Democracy and Politial Theory

There has been a long-standing tradition within political theory of characterizing Athenian democracy as a form of ‘positive’ or ‘ancient’ liberty in opposition to ‘modern’ conceptions of ‘negative’ liberty. This stems largely from Berlin’s critique of positive liberty and Constant’s critique of ancient liberty. The influence of these two thinkers has dominated much of the … More Athenian Democracy and Politial Theory

Capitalism, Liberalism and Democracy

    The current economic crisis is highlighting the tensions between capitalism, liberalism and democracy. In the Eurozone, unaccountable financial actors and institutions are imposing harsh austerity measures on member states that are seriously undermining the legitimacy of democratically elected governments. We are told that we must sacrifice the present in order to save the … More Capitalism, Liberalism and Democracy