Beyond the ‘Republican’ Economy: Hayek and Pettit on Private Property

Republican political theorists have spilled a lot of ink in the attempt to present ‘republicanism’ as a distinctive alternative to liberalism. The landmark book is, of course, Philip Pettit’s Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and Government, published in 1997. I have written about some of the problems of republicanism on this blog (here, here and … More Beyond the ‘Republican’ Economy: Hayek and Pettit on Private Property

Polanyi on the Persistence of Economic Dogma

In reading Karl Polanyi’s 1944 classic, The Great Transformation, I’ve come across some passages regarding the persistence of the doctrines of economic liberalism (what we would today refer to as neo-liberalism) despite the onset of economic crisis. Despite being written almost 70 years ago, it sounds like it could have been written today: ‘Secular tenets … More Polanyi on the Persistence of Economic Dogma

On Hayek and State Power

The Republican right is a rather tenuous mix of classical liberals, neo-conservatives and libertarians. The tensions between neoconservatism on the one hand, and classical liberalism and libertarianism on the other, has often been noted. Perhaps less attention has been given to the tensions between the classical liberal and the libertarian tendencies of the right. Both, … More On Hayek and State Power

Capitalism, Liberalism and Democracy pt.II

In my first post, I presented a brief account of the historical tensions between liberalism and democracy, with particular attention on the levelling threat that democracy was thought to pose to elite forms of power – in particular, private property. I broke the narrative off at the end of a discussion regarding the English notion … More Capitalism, Liberalism and Democracy pt.II