Republicanism and wage-labour

In a previous post, I presented a criticism of republicanism’s inability to adequately address the problems of power exerted in the modern capitalist economy. This should come as no surprise really, given that the republican notion of liberty as ‘non-domination’ was articulated within the context of pre-capitalist economies characterized by the employment of dependent forms … More Republicanism and wage-labour

On Hayek and State Power

The Republican right is a rather tenuous mix of classical liberals, neo-conservatives and libertarians. The tensions between neoconservatism on the one hand, and classical liberalism and libertarianism on the other, has often been noted. Perhaps less attention has been given to the tensions between the classical liberal and the libertarian tendencies of the right. Both, … More On Hayek and State Power

Republicans against Hayek

I’ve been re-reading Philip Pettit’s book Republicanism after having recently read most of Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty. What is striking about Pettit’s book is the seemingly wilful neglect of Hayek’s conceptualization of liberty. In fact, in his republican critique of negative liberty, Pettit neglects to address either, The Constitution of Liberty or Law, Legislation … More Republicans against Hayek