Refereed Journal Articles

‘Embedding Neoliberalism in Greece: Collective Bargaining and Labour Market Policy During the Eurozone Crisis,’ Studies in Political Economy.

‘Free Men, Free Labour and Republican Discourses of Liberty in Early Modern England,’ Contributions to the History of Concepts 8: 2 (2013).

‘Cicero, Roman Republicanism and the Contested Meaning of Libertas,’ Political Studies (forthcoming, 2014).

‘Capitalism and Contextualization in C. B. Macpherson’s The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism,’ Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought, 1: 1 (October 2012), 228-251.

‘The ‘Republican Dilemma’ and the Changing Social Context of Republicanism in the Early Modern Period,’ The European Journal of Political Theory, 8: 3 (July 2009), 313-338.

‘Republican Discourses and Imperial Projects: Empire and Liberty in American Political Discourse,’ Spectrum:  Journal of Global Studies 1: 1 (April 2009), 53-68.

‘Digger Radicalism and Agrarian Capitalism,Historical Materialism 14: 3 (Fall 2006), 112-143.

‘State, Civil Society and Social Context in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,’ Problematique 8 (Fall 2002), 56-77.

Book Chapters
‘Senatus Populusque Romanus against the Demos: Roman Republicanism versus Athenian Democracy,’ in Athenian Legacies: European Debates on Citizenship, Leo Olschki Publishers: Florence (forthcoming 2014).

‘Radicalism and Revisionism in the English Civil War,’ in M. Haynes and J. Wolfreys, eds., History and Revolution:Refuting Revisionism (London:  Verso Publishers, 2007), 25-50.

Review Essays
‘Citizens to Lords: A Review Essay.’ Historical Materialism 19: 1 (2011), 304-318.

‘Reflections on Political Theory,’ Historical Materialism 14: 3 (Fall 2006), 314-329.


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