I completed my Ph.D in Political Science at York University in Canada where I studied Political Theory and Comparative Politics. I specialize in the history of European politics and political thought. I have held posts at the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University in the UK, the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, the Middle East Technical University in Northern Cyprus, and York University and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

This blog is dedicated to theoretically informed discussions on politics and history with a regional focus on Europe.  I also blog about the theory and history of democracy, and, from time to time, write about certain issues in the history of political thought that I find generally interesting.

The title of this blog comes from The True Levellers Standard Advanced, written by Gerrard Winstanley, leader of the Diggers, in 1649:

‘But for the present state of the old World that is running up like parchment in the fire, and wearing away, we see proud Imaginary flesh, which is the wise Serpent, rises up in flesh and gets dominion in some to rule over others, and so forces one part of the Creation man, to be a slave to another; and thereby the Spirit is killed in both. The one looks upon himself as a teacher and ruler, and so is lifted up in pride over his fellow Creature: The other looks upon himself as imperfect, and so is dejected in his spirit, and looks upon his fellow Creature of his own Image, as a Lord above him.’


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