French PM bypasses parliament to force through labour laws | World news | The Guardian


2 thoughts on “French PM bypasses parliament to force through labour laws | World news | The Guardian

  1. The French “government” is completely out-of-sync with its populace. This latest is just more of the same, and I’m not too surprised. The French have had execrable presidents and lackey PMs for decades and now it’s time to dial back (forward?) those 32 hour weeks, cut benefits and make your countrymen work like dogs. There has been a general strike or two in the last few months, but the MSM never mentions the fact that France has been at a standstill – neoliberals don’t like the resistance of regular people, so they ignore it. Maybe other countries’ workers won’t get any ideas if they keep quiet.

    The only decent English language commentator on French politics all the way back to the end of WWII is, I think, professor emeritus Dr Evan Jones of the University of Sydney, Oz. He is also a highly engaging writer, and a few essays in, you know you’re reading stuff from a person with a real brain, not some hare-brained loon with an axe to grind.

    Virtually all the articles are live linked. His latest in Counterpunch is a really good. Makes all the usual commentators seem as though they gave up research on their latest commentary five minutes in. Here, you get all the history behind the situation as it now exists, not what someone hiccupped out of their own head in a brandy moment as an opening paragraph. Note that only about half the articles are about France. You can also discover the most corrupt banking system anywhere and it’s a home grown Australian product, now expanding worldwide – asset strippers by dint of calling in loans early by bogus re-valuation “concerns”, bankrupting the business on the loan hook, and flogging off the assets.

    The articles on France will amuse and bemuse, as is one on the EU and its formation. Highly recommended.

    I wish we had some academic in Canada as erudite as this fellow writing for our alternative press.

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