Why has the EU’s political revolt been confined to Greece and Spain? 

Revolting Europe

Paolo Gerbaudo

Amid a worsening economic crisis, a look at the protest movements that are struggling against austerity could be described as a two-speed.Europe  An expression abused by economists and political scientists talking about the different levels of economic productivity and political integration of European countries, it also captures well the distance between countries where protest movements have won the approval of a majority of the population, and others where they continue to be in the minority.

On the one hand there are Spain and Greece, which since 2011 have seen an impressive citizen mobilization and in which the force of the movement is blowing wind in the sails of Left parties, like the new-born Podemos in Spain and the remodeled SYRIZA in Greece, which are now in for a chance of government. On the other hand there are a number of countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Great…

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