Spain’s indignados erupt as an electoral force

Revolting Europe

Antonio Antón*

 The three most significant results of the European elections in Spain are: the emergence of a broad indignant and transforming electorate; the failure of the socialist party system that has garnered the worst result in its history; the decline of electoral support for the Right. The three phenomena are linked. On the one hand, they demonstrate a massive rejection of the policies of austerity and welfare cuts, mass unemployment, the unequal burden of the crisis, as well as antisocial and dictatorial rule of the elites. On the other hand, they confirm the growth of an electorate to the left of the Socialist Party (PSOE), which opposes the regressive dynamic and demands a more just social and economic policy and the democratization of the political system. The decline of bipartisanship – of PSOE and the conservative Popular Party (PP)- is combined with the strengthening of alternative forces of…

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