Bubbles, Panics and Crashes module cancelled

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from today’s Guardian

Manchester University move to scrap banking crash module angers students

Course leaders cancelled the Bubbles, Panics and Crashes module developed as counterpoint to free-market teaching
Manchester University students
Joe Earle, front and centre, says students are upset by what they believe are the university’s attempts to obstruct teaching of alternative economic perspectives. Photograph: John Super

Manchester University bosses came under fire from angry economics students after they scrapped a groundbreaking course that examined the effects of the 2008 banking crash.

In an escalation of the crisis gripping university economics departments, the course leaders cancelled the Bubbles, Panics and Crashes module developed to answer protests at the dominance of orthodox free-market teaching.

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3 thoughts on “Bubbles, Panics and Crashes module cancelled

  1. Economics as an academic field is on par with crystalology and light-years away from becoming a science. It’s a good thing the young blood coming into the “profession” is questioning the failed dogma.
    30 years of free-market reforms have been a spectacular failure. Nothing in the history of the universe has put more failure into the concept of failing than it.
    If macroeconomics were a science, free-market ideology would be discarded like the theory luminous ether or Piltdown man. It’s a self-serving hoax; a market-manipulating con job; a corrupt misanthropic political agenda masquerading as knowledge.

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