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European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) – Benchmarking Working Europe 2014 / Books / Publications / Home. The report Benchmarking Working Europe 2014 reviews the crisis and EU austerity policies in the last five years from the point of view of Europe’s social agenda. Advertisements

3 reasons why the Socialists are right to revolt against PM Valls’ austerity plan

Originally posted on Revolting Europe:
France’s ruling socialist party is in revolt. A very vocal minority don’t like the austerity plan of new PM Manuel Valls. And they are threatening to vote it down. Here’s 3 reasons why they are right France’s new prime minister – now three weeks into his job – last week…

The true EU unemployment rate may have soared to 21.9% – The European Sting – Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology –

Samaras close aide resigns over Golden Dawn contacts

Originally posted on Greek Left Review:
originally published at Wednesday 2 April 2014 Video shows cabinet secretary Takis Baltakos in conversation with Ilias Kasidiaris Updated At: 19:20 Wednesday 2 April 2014 Author: Damian Mac Con Uladh Neonazi Golden Dawn releases video showing cabinet secretary Takis Baltakos, a close aide of Antonis Samaras, engaging in…

Bubbles, Panics and Crashes module cancelled

Originally posted on Real-World Economics Review Blog:
from today’s Guardian Manchester University move to scrap banking crash module angers students Course leaders cancelled the Bubbles, Panics and Crashes module developed as counterpoint to free-market teaching  Joe Earle, front and centre, says students are upset by what they believe are the university’s attempts to obstruct teaching…