The high cost of subsidizing Wal-Mart’s profits

Systemic Disorder

Each United States Wal-Mart costs taxpayers nearly $1 million because of the miserably low pay at the same time that the four heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune possess $107 billion in wealth. That’s no coincidence.

You subsidize Wal-Mart whether you shop there or not. And if you do shop there, you are facilitating the movement of production to countries with the harshest sweatshop conditions.

That Wal-Mart workers are often forced to use food stamps and other public-benefit programs is well known; but the company also receives a myriad of local tax benefits, free or reduced-price land, property- and sales-tax exemptions and various grants that, together, are difficult to quantify. The company’s known U.S. subsidies are far in excess of a billion dollars.

SerfsA study prepared by the Democratic Party staff of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce estimates that each Wal-Mart costs taxpayers nearly $1…

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One thought on “The high cost of subsidizing Wal-Mart’s profits

  1. Love the tapestry, Geoff. Yes, indeed, WalMart is where working class people go to shop themselves out of their own jobs. I haven’t set foot in one for over 20-years and rebuke those who do whenever I get the chance. And then there’s Amazon. Both operate on a business model of exploiting a combination of volume plus cheapened labour to continuously dominate the retail market like a malignancy. Sorry, boyo, but it’s going to take a revolution…

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