New Review of “Marxism and Social Movements”

Shadows of Tender Fury

Mark Bergfeld has penned an insightful review of “Marxism and Social Movements” (Brill, 2013) in the latest issue of Oxford Left Review. The text is reproduced below, courtesty of the author. 

Colin Barker et al – Marxism and Social Movements


47768There has been much talk of the return of Marx since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Yet many radicals argue that “it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”. Both are true. Millions of people have watched David Harvey’s Capital lectures on youtube in the wake of financial meltdown, yet days lost to industrial action remains at an all-time low across North America and the UK. The Financial Times positively dissects Marx’s ideas in their weekend edition, yet today’s radical movements such as Climate Camp, Slutwalk, or Occupy treat Marx with suspicion or even contempt.


These contradictory phenomena make…

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