Why have the Irish not revolted?

I’ve been asking myself the same question for the past few years.

Sráid Marx

Public-service-workers-st-006The defeat of the opposition to the property tax and the ability of the Government to impose a second Croke Park austerity deal might lead many to conclude that resistance to austerity has been defeated.  Even before this many have commented that while Greece has witnessed violent protests and numerous general strikes the absence of such events from Ireland is notable and remarkable.  General strikes have also taken place in Spain and Portugal but not in the Irish State.

The relative electoral success of the United Left Alliance appeared to blind some to this but the collapse of the ULA has simply confirmed what is more generally understood to be the case.  More and more it is acknowledged on the Left that we have to face the reality as opposed to perennial false claims that an upsurge is taking place or is just around the corner.

Realistic assessments of the…

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3 thoughts on “Why have the Irish not revolted?

  1. I have heard it put down to Ireland’s history of impoverishment and a resulting culture of fatalism. The Celtic Tiger was surely an aberration, briefly relished.

  2. I think you can find evidence of this fatalism in the exodus of Ireland’s young people. There’s nothing to resist. How would that manifest? Car bombing banks, kneecapping bankers and state officials? The resistance functioned and more importantly was sustained thanks to an essential level of public support and a clearly identifiable target – occupying forces.

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