Competitiveness, the neoliberal variant of the myth of Sisyphus

Revolting Europe


By Bernard Cassen

This fall, in France and probably in other countries, the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Albert Camus, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, will give rise to much editorial output. This will affirm, in particular, the continued relevance of the questioning throughout all his work, and which is summarized in the title of his book published in 1942: The Myth of Sisyphus. an essay on the absurd.

If you read or reread this text today, but through the prism of an environment where decision makers are much more fond of financial reports than philosophical works, one cannot help but make a comparison with the myths – in a way, parallel to that of Sisyphus – upon which the neoliberal system is ideologically based. The most common myths in the public debate are called “market”…

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