The Development of American Finance

The Development of American Finance – Cambridge University Press Dr. Martijn Konings, Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney Since the 1960s, scholars and other commentators have frequently announced the imminent decline of American financial power: excessive speculation and debt are believed to have undermined the long-term basis of a stable U.S.-led financial order. But … More The Development of American Finance

The Making of Modern Finance: Liberal Governance and the Gold Standard

The Making of Modern Finance: Liberal Governance and the Gold Standard (Hardback) – Routledge Dr. Samuel Knafo, School of Global Studies, Sussex University The Making of Modern Finance is a path-breaking study of the construction of liberal financial governance and demonstrates how complex forms of control by the state profoundly transformed the nature of modern … More The Making of Modern Finance: Liberal Governance and the Gold Standard

Rethinking Gramsci

This edited volume provides a coherent and comprehensive assessment of Antonio Gramsci’s significant contribution to the fields of political and cultural theory. It contains seminal contributions from a broad range of important political and cultural theorists from around the world and explains the origins, development and context for Gramsci’s thought as well as analysing his … More Rethinking Gramsci

On Tyrants, Despots and Dictators

The Roman Dictator Sulla In contemporary political discourse, there is not much difference between the tyrant, despot and dictator. All seem to be a variation of the same non-democratic or anti-democratic phenomenon. Alongside the non-democratic nature of these categories is the notion that they are all characterized by unlimited and arbitrary power. Dictator seems to … More On Tyrants, Despots and Dictators

Cicero, Roman Republicanism and the Contested Meaning of Libertas

Despite the growing interest in neo-Roman republicanism, few republicans examine the character of Roman republicanism, either in its constitutional practice, its social relations or in the works of its primary defenders. This article examines Cicero’s two systematic dialogues of political philosophy – De Re Publica and De Legibus – in order to assess the status … More Cicero, Roman Republicanism and the Contested Meaning of Libertas

State, class and property

There is something refreshingly honest about classical political thought that much contemporary political theory – particularly liberalism – tends to obscure. In particular, classical political theorists tended to be much more straightforward in their assessments of the relationship between class, property and the state. Here are some interesting quotes from some of the heavy hitters … More State, class and property

Athenian Democracy and Politial Theory

There has been a long-standing tradition within political theory of characterizing Athenian democracy as a form of ‘positive’ or ‘ancient’ liberty in opposition to ‘modern’ conceptions of ‘negative’ liberty. This stems largely from Berlin’s critique of positive liberty and Constant’s critique of ancient liberty. The influence of these two thinkers has dominated much of the … More Athenian Democracy and Politial Theory

Democracy and Capitalism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory, 2013 This workshop is informed by the consideration that the recent economic crisis has once again raised a long-debated and controversial issue in democratic theory: the relationship between democracy and capitalism. While the relative prosperity of the 1980s and 1990s and the accompanying expansion of liberal democracy across the globe … More Democracy and Capitalism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives