New IMF research: No evidence that labour market deregulation increases growth.

Very interesting interview with Syriza MP and SOAS Professor of Political Economy Costas Lapavitsas. Greece: Phase Two | Jacobin. Much — too much — has been written in a journalistic, superficial vein about Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and last month’s negotiations with the European Union. But now that the lines have hardened and are clearer […]

In light of the new Syriza government’s difficult struggle against the German dominated institutions of the Eurozone, I’ve revisited a little known book published ten years ago by political scientist Richard Dunphy called Contesting Capitalism? Left Parties and European Integration (Manchester University Press, 2004). In the book, Dunphy charts out the trajectory of the European Far […]

Syriza’s Only Choice: A Radical Step Forward | The Bullet No. 1089.   1. Introduction The transitional “bridge Agreement” of the 20th of February is a truce intended by the Greek government and welcomed by the other side (the European “institutions”). Within the truce period (the next four months), the conditions for negotiating the next […]

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Originally posted on Fortune:
Earlier this year, the electoral victory of Syriza in Greece marked the first government elected within the troubled eurozone to finally say no to European officials who for years have been pressing for less government spending and for sweeping economic reforms to remake Europe. While many thought it was impossible for…

The rise of Europe’s new Left. By Bryan Evans

Germany’s sickly economy | Europe’s World.

Juncker urged to revive ‘Social Europe’ model. by Benjamin Fox   The ‘Social Europe’ model must be revived if the EU is to avoid lumbering itself with low social mobility and other economic millstones, according to a report published Monday (23 February) by Brussels-based think-tank Friends of Europe. The ‘Unequal Europe’ report is the product […]

Varoufakis Keeps Greece in the Eurozone, by its Fingernails  » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names. Mike Whitney It’s not easy to negotiate with a gun to your head.  Nevertheless, that’s the situation Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis found himself in on Friday preceding a crucial meeting with the Eurogroup. According to one report, the objective of the last-ditch confab  […]

Originally posted on The Greek Analyst:
Earlier today, Costas Lapavitsas, Professor of Economics at SOAS and influential MP of Syriza, wrote a scathing letter in his blog addressed towards his entire party. Lapavitsas, who belongs in Syriza’s hardliners, says some extremely interesting things. Following Manolis Glezos, John Milios, Sofia Sakorafa (and Mikis Theodorakis!), who have already expressed their…

Is a socialist EU possible via left-wing populist parties such as Syriza, Podemos and the HDP? | openDemocracy.

Reading The Greek Deal Correctly. James K. Galbraith On Friday as news of the Brussels deal came through, Germany claimed victory and it is no surprise that most of the working press bought the claim. They have high authorities to quote and to rely on. Thus from London The Independent reported: several analysts agreed that […]


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