Spain: Madrid and Barcelona show — the greater the unity on the left, the bigger the win | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

Spain, Poland and Greece: shudders in Europe’s political foundations | Paul Mason. “The economy’s recovering, so why are you punishing us?” That is the subtext of mainstream conservative responses to the two big election shocks last night. In Spain, the radical left, campaigning under various regional brand-names linked to the new Podemos party, caused a […]

Podemos fuels hopes for Spain’s emigrated youth to return home. by Mischa Wilmers Over the last two years, Spain’s political landscape has been transformed by the emergence of the progressive, anti-austerity party, Podemos (“We Can”). Formed in 2014, the party has already built a membership of over 350,000. In opinions polls, it matches the country’s […]

Originally posted on The Greek Analyst:
Syriza’s Left Platform, spearheaded by Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy, Panagiotis Lafazanis, issued a document during today’s meeting of the Central Committee of SYRIZA, which will come for a vote later in the day. The document calls – once again! – for the rupture with the lenders. Specifically, it asks…

The strikes sweeping Germany are here to stay | Wolfgang Streeck | Comment is free | The Guardian. German strikes once seemed like German jokes: a contradiction in terms. But no more: this year, Europe’s largest economy is on course to set a new record for industrial action, with everyone from train drivers, kindergarten and […]

Originally posted on The Greek Analyst:
The Communist Faction of SYRIZA has initiated a signature-collecting campaign among the many members of the party. In a text to be submitted in the Central Committee of the party on the upcoming weekend (23-24 May) – in the form of a referendum – the Communist Faction is asking…

Why Greece’s Syriza party is not sticking to the script on an IMF deal | Paul Mason | Paul Mason. The leaked IMF document seen by Channel 4 News last weekend effectively signals a three-week endgame in the Greek debt stand-off. The IMF thinks there is “no possibility” that Greece can meet €11bn worth of […]

Temporary and part-time jobs surge promotes inequality, says OECD | Business | The Guardian. Heather Stewart A surge in self-employment and temporary or part-time jobs over the past two decades has been a key factor behind the rise in inequality in the world’s industrialised countries, according to a major new study by the Organisation for […]

Europe faces second revolt as Portugal’s ascendant Socialists spurn austerity – Telegraph. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Europe faces the risk of a second revolt by Left-wing forces in the South after Portugal’s Socialist Party vowed to defy austerity demands from the country’s creditors and block any further sackings of public officials. “We will carry out a […]

By Lenka Ponikelska Greece’s exit from the euro would unleash turmoil whose fallout will far exceed the cost of staying in the currency union, said U.S. economist Barry Eichengreen. Reintroducing the drachma would solve none of Greece’s problems and instead set the stage for “even more chaos and uncertainty,” Eichengreen, a professor at the University […]

Spain’s Gag Law: spectre of an authoritarian past. by Carlos Delclós On Friday 10 April 2015, holographic images of about 2,000 protestors from all over the world were projected onto the facade of the Spanish Parliament by the citizen platform No somos delito (“we are not a crime”). Images of people are projected onto a […]

Would leaving euro be more of a catastrophe for Greece than staying? | Business | The Guardian. Larry Elliot Yanis Varoufakis rues the day when Greece joined the euro. The Greek finance minister says his country would be better off if it was still using the drachma. Deep down, he says, all 18 countries using […]

Are Creditors Pushing Greece Deliberately Into Default?.   Paul De Grauwe The Greek drama has entered its endgame. The Greek government has to repay loans to the IMF and other public institutions in the near future but does not have the cash to do so. The lenders refuse to come forward in providing liquidity as […]

Greece: The Noose Tightens | Jacobin. There are only three options remaining for the Syriza government.   by Stathis Kouvelakis Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.   Events in Greece have taken a dramatic turn, and insolvency is at the gates. On April 20, the Greek government issued a decree forcing local authorities to place cash […]

New IMF research: No evidence that labour market deregulation increases growth.


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